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description:The German Football League (Bundesliga, referred to as the Bundesliga) is the highest level of football in Germany. It was established by the German Football Association in Dortmund on July 28, 1962 and began in the 1963-64 season. A total of 18 teams participated in the Bundesliga, adopting a home and away double round-robin system, the champion will receive a championship trophy commonly known as the "salad plate"; the bottom two teams are directly relegated to the German Football League B; the bottom three The team will play a play-off with the third place in the Bundesliga, and the winner will participate in the Bundesliga next season. The top four in the Bundesliga can qualify for the UEFA Champions League group stage, the fifth in the league will participate in the Europa League group stage, and the sixth in the league will participate in the newly established UEFA Europa League play-offs.
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